Month: March 2021

a person in a wheelchair graphic

Website Accessibility FREE Evaluation

Website Accessibility FREE Evaluation     There are over 1.3 BILLION people Worldwide with disabilities. 71% of customers with accessibility needs will click away from a website they find difficult to use.  22% of Canadians aged 15 or older are living with at least one disability that affects accessibility. WHAT IS WEB ACCESSIBILITY? Web accessibility is…
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money flying out the window

What is an SSL Certificate and Why You Need One for Your Website

Are You Simply Throwing Money Out The Window? It’s a well-known fact that the website industry is riddled with acronyms. An acronym is typically a series of letters that represent the shortened form of something most of us probably don’t even understand. What is SEO? What is HTTPS and what the heck is SSL! If…
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Sarah Clarke, Founder Dufferin Media

Get More Customers Free E-Book Series

What is the number one goal for your business? 95% off all business owners have the exact same #1 goal “Get More Customers” This makes complete sense as more customers = more revenue = more profit = a more financially secure life for the business owner and their family! So I decided to write a…
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