Benefits of using Twitter for Your Business

Benefits of using Twitter for Your Business

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Benefits of using Twitter for Your Business

There are over 328 million active users on Twitter. Users of Twitter often claim “this is by far my favourite social media platform!”


Information is shared in shorter snippets and the search functions are very popular.

Benefits of using Twitter for your Business

Having a professionally optimized Twitter Profile is an online asset of your Company.  Using Twitter for your business has many benefits including:

  • connect with local audience
  • connect with relevant industry members
  • connect with community groups
  • Twitter profiles are indexed by google
  • Twitter users are engaging and interactive
  • Twitter drives traffic directly to your website
  • Twitter generates large volumes of impressions (eyeballs) to your business

How can you use Twitter to reach the goals of your business?

  1.  Build a Targeted Audience.  Use the search functions (search tool / hashtags) to find other Twitter users that are relevant to your business.  I..e Geographical (search MYTOWN).  Industry – find news accounts, associations and communities that are in the same industry as you.  FOLLOW those accounts.  By following another account – even liking a few of their tweets or even retweeting them you will make valuable connections.  Thanking new followers is another way of connecting
  2. Optimize your profile.  Make sure you have keywords in your bio, and feel free to use them as hashtags.  Your profile should have a square profile picture, a rectangular cover photo, and a link to your website.
  3. Post content that is engaging and encourages interaction.  Use hashtags for highly searched terms.  Include a link to your website and gain traffic via clicks.

Avoid doing these things on Twitter

  • Linking any other social media profile.  Twitter users do not want to be directed away from Twitter to another social media platform.  On top of that the link often does not open correctly from a mobile device.
  • Starting a Twitter account and then NOT posting.  This may appear as though your business is no longer in business.
  • Posting or sharing, liking or retweeting anything that is Political, Religious or controversial.  Your business should appear neutral in any outside issue.

Twitter is a highly effective social media TOOL.  Use it strategically and wisely to move your business towards its goals.

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