Copper – the secret ingredient to pain relief and The Worlds Best Cream

Copper – the secret ingredient to pain relief and The Worlds Best Cream


Copper – the secret ingredient to pain relief and The Worlds Best Cream

PORCUPINE, ONTARIO December 5th, 2018 – From a small town in Northern Ontario, WBC has experienced tremendous market growth since the company was founded in 2009. The product line was originally marketed at local trade shows and is now the exclusive copper pain relief product sold online at The health benefits of using copper in pain relief treatment has proven to be a successful venture for retired farrier turned inventor William (Bill) Burley.

Bill discovered the secret to pain relief through a “genius mistake” while working with a copper substance from one of his projects in his home-based workshop. Having an understanding of the health properties of copper, Bill decided to make a cream with it and applied it to his hands that had seen years of wear through his blacksmith career. Noticing some relief, he then proceeded to test it on his wife, a long-time sufferer of fibromyalgia and arthritis. She also experienced the same relief within 20 minutes of its application. This marked the beginning of Bill’s journey to find a natural solution to a massive problem – chronic pain.

After the initial discovery, it took 4 years to perfect a topical pain relief cream now known across Canada as Worlds Best Cream. With Bill’s knowledge of chemistry that came from his research into Biofuels and Colloidal Silver, he was able to extract copper from solid bars. How the copper is extracted is a proprietary secret, but the unique process breaks the copper into very fine copper particles that can be directly and quickly absorbed by the body resulting in immediate relief for a majority of people. The copper has a big impact on circulation stimulation, reducing inflammation and most importantly rebuilding connective tissue. WBC’s main product, Worlds Best Cream, not only helps to reduce pain, it targets the root cause of the symptoms too.

WBC now has two pain relief products, both of which have a Natural Health Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada. This extensive regulatory process took over a year in which each of these products had to be reviewed by Health Canada before receiving an NPN. The designation means that WBC can officially state its claims on each of its pain relief products, however this was something the company knew right from the beginning through many loyal customers and their testimonials. They are the only copper cream for pain relief that has an NPN product on the market in Canada.

“Having worked as a blacksmith for many years, I was very familiar with pain. I get it when someone talks about shoulder or knee issues and swelling in their hands. The biggest highlight from this whole experience is hearing how our products truly help people and some say even changed their lives,” said Bill.

The company has seen extensive growth over the last decade. In the beginning, products were sold at local trade shows. They now attend trade shows across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, one of them being the Toronto Gift Fair – Canada’s largest wholesale gift show for retailers. In 2019, their products will be sold in the Middle East and India as the final stages of the regulatory work for other countries wraps up. Online distributor Amazon lists both WBC pain relief products (Worlds Best Cream and WBC Terminator). has also listed the World’s Best Cream as their exclusive copper cream for pain relief marking a highlight for WBC in 2018. The company also achieved shelf space with the health food store chain Healthy Planet that has 20+ natural health food stores and many other large health store retail locations. WBC now has over 1200 retail locations across Canada and looking at continued growth for 2019. These locations range from pharmacies to health and wellness stores, spas, gift shops, chiropractor locations, and many other locations.

WBC has expanded its product line from its original stand-alone product – Worlds Best Cream – to now include a variety of products available online and in stores with more products in the works.

For thousands of years, Copper has been recognized for its many health benefits which include reducing pain associated with swelling, inflammation, and arthritis. Bill Burley, a humble man from Porcupine, Ontario, will have a special place in pain relief history with his revolutionary copper extraction process and resulting product line. WBC is beyond pleased to be helping people across the globe providing a solution to chronic pain for many sufferers.

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WBC carries a line of copper-based pain relief products and aromatherapy bath salts all using natural ingredients. Founded in 2009, all products are made in Canada and contain copper for its many health benefits. The copper elements can be easily absorbed by the body and work toward treating problem areas, not merely masking symptoms. WBC’s pain relief products are Health Canada approved and contain a Natural Product Number.

Disclaimer: WBC products are not intended to treat cure or prevent any disease. If you have Wilson’s disease or liver disfunction, consult your doctor before use.


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Product Line:

Worlds Best Cream – the product that made WBC what it is today – containing our proprietary copper blend. No hot or cold sensation making it excellent for arthritic hands and repetitive strain injuries but helps with various pain ailments.

WBC Copper Bath Salts are another product that is made with pure essential oil scents for aromatherapy benefits and also contain copper. These come in Lavender, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus scents and are relaxing after a long day (we do not have an NPN for the bath salts so cannot make any claim associated with them.

WBC Terminator – WBC’s newest product targeted more towards acute injuries. Also contains WBC’s copper blend but has a strong cooling sensation to help with immediate relief from acute injuries along with having the copper to assist with faster recovery due to the benefits of copper.

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