Heather Chapplain Golden Globes Press Release

Heather Chapplain Golden Globes Press Release



Small Town Designer gets Big Break at Golden Globe Awards

ALTON, ONTARIO November 15, 2018 – Heather Chapplain, a Fabric Artist from Alton, Ontario whose specialty is wearable art fashion designs, has been scouted for the Golden Globe Awards Secret Room Event. The one-woman clothing label will be featured in this VIP gift suite for all nominees and presenters in both television and film industries who take part in the award ceremony, January 4th, 2019. Eagerly working from her home studio, Chapplain and her designs will be making the trek from her small town to one of the most celebrated award ceremonies in Hollywood.


Chapplain was approached by a Manager of the Secret Room Event associated with the Golden Globes Awards in August. They were looking for someone who created handmade, ‘one-of-a-kind’ denim designs. Chapplain’s Luxury Experience Denim is exactly that. A truly customized, wearable-art, statement denim piece.


Incorporating Chapplain’s background in visual art, drawing, and quilting, the designer uses mixed media to style her denim jackets, vests, and skirts. For her personalized pieces, the design inspiration comes from the client where Chapplain then uses a combination of techniques including hand painting, dyed fabrics as well as utilizing vintage elements. The client is part of the intimate design process and may even contribute a special keepsake, like a broach or medal, that has been carefully stored away. These personal touches combined with Chapplain’s design vision are what make her pieces unique to both fashion and art audiences.


“I am beyond excited and so very grateful for this amazing opportunity, this whole experience is stretching and growing me beyond what I ever thought possible. My goal is to design pieces that encourage everyone to walk in their own strength and confidence. Art speaks to people. I can’t believe my wearable art delivered a message all the way to Hollywood.” said Chapplain.


The designer has been commissioned to bring her Luxury Experience Denim, kimonos, and other denim creations currently in production, to the Secret Room Event.


Heather Chapplain is a former model and mother of three. The textile artist combined her quilting hobby and visual art background into a wearable-art fashion line. Chapplain is keen to share the confidence and wisdom she’s found in design and fashion with the goal of empowering men and women through their own authentic style.


For media inquiries please contact:


Christine Hann, Public Relations Manager




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